Trader 18 an award winning design M2Runner versatile, fuel efficient and maximum capacity From design to delivery..

Hartman Marine Shipbuilding

Hartman Shipbuilding designs, engineers and builds a remarkable and innovative range of versatile general cargo vessels. All the ships are designed to comply with the latest regulations and to deliver the best quality.

The Hartman Trader 18 Deo Volente won the highly esteemed Dutch Ship of the Year award in 2007. The jury praised both the innovative concept of this vessel and its market-leading potential.


Trader 18

"Trader 18" vessels are the fastest in the world in this class. An innovative hull design allows for a speed of 18 knots instead of the usual 12, yet with only a moderate increase in fuel consumption. The versatility of the design, lifting capacity of up to 240 tonnes with a 24 metre outreach and a shallow draught gives customers a unique combination of features that, even several years later, are unmatched by competitors.

M2 Runner

"M2 Runner" vessels have a hold volume of 219.000 CUFT and a free deck of 1300 square meters. These loading capacities are normally seen at ships of 6000 dwt, yet the M2 Runners are only 3500dwt! M2 Runners also have an open-top notation, therefore the cargo is not limited to a certain height. M2 Runners are developed for maximized carriage of cargo at minimum fuel consumption.

Trader 18

The R2 Carrier is a roro ship of 3,500 dwt, which is unique within the transportation of heavy and voluminous cargo. The R2 Carrier is based on the successful M2 Runner, and shares her key features; unique square meterage , Open Top Notation, IMO class (Dangerous Goods) and innovative cost reducing features. In addition, the R2 Carrier is fitted with roro capabilities. It can load the cargo by the Roll-on Roll-off principle.


2006 Mv Deo Volente Trader 18
2009 Mv Eendracht Trader 18 
2010 Mv Pacific Dawn Trader 18 
2011 Mv Atlantic Trader 18 
2012 Mv Oceanic M2 Runner 
2013 Mv Nordic M2 Runner 
2014 Mv Arctic Rock M2 Runner 
2015 Mv Northern Rock M2 Runner 
2017 Mv Baltic R2 Carrier 
2018 Mv Western Rock R2 Carrier 
2019 Mv Eastern Rock R2 CarrierCurrent build

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