Livingstone series Amundsen series

Hartman Yachts

Hartman Yachts designs, engineers and builds bespoke yachts and a remarkable and innovative range of versatile Expedition vessels and Classic styled yachts. All Hartman yachts are designed to comply with the latest regulations and engineered by the leading Dutch engineering firms ensuring the shortest lead- times, lowest cost of ownership and highest possible resale value.

After seven generations of skipper-owners and shipbuilders, knowing the ins and outs of running the industry, traditional values and standards still lie at the very core of the company. This wealth of knowhow is employed to deliver the ultimate yacht to the discerning yachtsman.


Living stone series
The Livingstone Classic series, reminiscent of old-school luxury ocean liners, is designed with a relaxed family lifestyle in mind. Despite the classic -1930s inspired- lines, various 21st century innovations have been incorporated into the yachts. The finishing of the Livingstone series is fully state of the art. Stylish, adventurous and light-spirited, that's what the Livingstone series is about.

Amundsen series
This new yacht design is fore clients that seek adventure without without compromising to comfort. Therefor this luxious yacht are designed with all modern conviences and, in the same time, are capable to make a voyage to the polar area.

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